AIF Management

With evolving times and changing customer preferences, investment patterns have also taken a 3600 transformation. Despite facing the global pandemic, India has stood as an economic powerhouse and there is a growing demand for global investment opportunities. Apart from traditional investment solutions, we are amongst the leaders in distributing Alternative Investment Fund services in Pune (AIF). 

Relatively a new concept, AIF’s are privately held investment funds with a minimum ticket size of Rs. 1 cr. As an investment in the asset class, tapping unique opportunities like real estate, special situation funds, pre-IPO can help to boost up the portfolio. Best-suited for high net worth clients, AIF’s are the best way to surpass mainstream investment options.

As a leading Alternative Investment Fund distributor in Pune, Lakshmi Fincorp Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd. offers AIF as a useful investment avenue for high-net investors. Lakshmi Fincorp offers AIF services under three categories:

Category I: Startups, SMEs, Social Venture, and any sector that is socially or economically helpful for the society or the country.

Category II: This primarily includes debt funds and private equity funds. 

Category III: These constitute hedge funds and undertake leverage to the next extent. Call us today to explore the best Alternative Investment Fund services in Pune.