Equity Investment

Some of the best Equity Investments plans are the only avenue that are able to generate good returns in the long run as compared to other asset classes.

Getting on the nerve of equity investments can be a bit tricky, but addressing adequate advice from the professional front can be a wiser step that will bring you close to your decided financial goals. As a top financial services provider in Pune, ‘Experience’ is the DNA of our investment strategy. Our expert Equity Investment Advisors have only one goal and that is to provide the highest returns possible to our investors.

Having talked about investments, Lakshmi Fincorp Family wealth management takes a 360-degree overview of your preferred portfolio capacity which means we look keenly into your investment requirements and on that basis, we build your portfolio.

We are well-equipped to carry out in-depth research across verticals and analyze the stocks closely with our associate partners. Our analysis is based on a plethora of critical factors including comparing the competitors, detailed information about the company meetings, banking procedures, customers, and a lot more. 

Undoubtedly, it is said that high risks will yield higher profits, and following the old trends won’t help; rather it will be a cause to your delayed long-term wealth plan. The need for an equity advisory penetrates when you give thought to your financial needs and necessities. 


Why do you think Equity Investment is required?

  • High yield to grow your wealth, decisively
  • Upbeat the inflation
  • Liquidity at your ease
  • Following up with your portfolio

Our offerings include :

  • Demat account opening
  • Trading & Investing strategies
  • Derivative strategies 
  • Personalized Portfolio Alerts