Mutual Fund

Aligning the in-depth analysis of the market and the desired financial objectives of our clients, we offer a wide range of schemes that are best suited for our clientele. As one of the top mutual fund advisors & distributors in Pune, we leverage a customer-centric approach backed by our years of experience to attain the perfect results.

Your Trusted Partner : 

If you are searching for top mutual funds in India to invest in, Lakshmi Fincorp is your most trusted partner as we continuously strive to make every relation stronger by each passing year, as the mutual fund advisor it is our duty to provide the best possible solutions to clients. 

As one of the biggest online mutual fund investment platforms, we deliver the best investment options to create a wealth of your choice; as our mission is to set your ‘prospective results’ into the ‘achieved results’. Our specific investment patterns are results of well-researched stocks, follow-up with every piece of information, and taking a step at the right time. Your search for the top mutual funds service provider in Pune ends right here at Lakshmi Fincorp as our experienced team of financial experts and mutual fund consultants are just a call away!

For us, as your service partner for various financial services including mutual funds, we take the utmost care to support you at every step. While you decide to invest in mutual funds, we decide to work on two non-compromised verticals. The first is the analysis of the existing portfolio through our fund house and the second is making the model portfolio, as per your needs. 

As a market leader in offering the best mutual fund services in Pune, Lakshmi Fincorp works with a motto of “Service first”. It is a proud moment to give a walkthrough of our key customer-centric processes. In our endeavor to help people,

we also undertake the below services:

  • Unclaimed Dividends / Unpaid Dividend
  • Transmission Case (Transfer of Funds after the death of a Unit holder)
  • IEPF (Investor Education & Protection Fund) Help
  • IEPF is set up under the guidance of SEBI and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs India. Investor Education & Protection Fund is created to keep the unclaimed or unpaid dividends, matured deposits, debentures, interests that are unclaimed for a period of seven years. Anyone who wants to seek a refund can get it from IEPF. Connect with us to know how you can claim your rewards from IEPF.

Analysis of Existing Portfolio by Fund House

Whether you would like to enter or exit a stock, the crucial thing is to analyze the performance. 

  • First, our expert mutual fund consultants study the markets and analyze the economic cycle (the base of the share market) to know the existing scene in the market.
  • Learning about the statistics of the respective mutual funds that you might be interested in, to give you various options for investments. 
  • Knowing and analyzing your portfolio to build an understanding of future actions and reactions of the invested stocks. 
  • We persist in our focus on the long-term growth of mutual funds and the reason is we assume to build a lasting association with you in your investment concerns.
  • This is our potential way to analyze the good and bad performing investments in your portfolio and then, we try to come up with new opportunities. 

Making a Model Portfolio for you, from our Fund House Experts :

With a team of qualified mutual fund distributors in Pune, we create an ideal portfolio that is a kind of blueprint for your expected corpus. The following are the factors that we consider while making a customized model portfolio. 

  • We like to know about your choice of investments and financial goals, so the first task is for you to know your expectations from the market. 
  • Then based on that, we understand your type of financial product- their risk, leverage, maturity, and more. 
  • Compiling them all into a picture, Lakshmi Fincorp’ expert Mutual Fund Consultants make a set of investments, referring to it as asset allocation. 
  • Finally presenting a model portfolio that has the right fund to meet your personalized goals.