Life Insurance

With emerging trends of small and nuclear families, it is important to have some financial support as well. With years of expertise, we at Lakshmi Fincorp are aware of the plans that are best suited for our clients. Having the best life insurance plans is like a backup in case of uncertainties and mishaps in life, it works as a shield to protect the family in tough times as well. Our Life Insurance Advisors understand your and your family’s needs and future goals based on which they offer you various optimum life insurance solutions to choose from, this gives you a better idea of the insurance products that are available so you can make a sound decision.

Taking care of critical purposes like Life Cover, Regular Guaranteed Income, Tax Benefits, and more, our insurance advisors offer products that fulfill an array of financial needs. Lakshmi Fincorp offer the best life insurance plans in Pune depending upon the budget, background, age, and requirements of its clientele. The drawn benefits are-

  1. Death benefit
    In the event of uncertainty, the beneficiary will be liable to get the death benefit or the face value as the amount of money when the insured dies. As per the needs of the beneficiary, the insured will decide the amount that will be good for them for future requirements. The premium, coverage, health, and will be decided by us, based on the queries about it.
  2. Premium
    The policyholder needs to pay some money for a fixed period of time, which is referred to as a premium. The premium will be determined based on several things like the tenure of the insurance, the life expectancy of the insured, etc. Also, a part of operating expenses is also added to the amount of premium to be paid to the company. The higher the premium amount, the greater are the death benefits is the ultimate motto of the insurance plans.
  3. Cash value
    The cash value is the amount of money that remains with the company when the insured dies. The insured can take the loan against the insurance plan, this will decrease the death benefit with that amount if it remains unpaid after the insured dies. Permanent life insurance solves dual purposes, one is it can be regulated from the savings account and the second is the cash accumulated on a deferred tax basis. 

To attain maximum benefit and great value, we always put forth some of the best similar products, so that you can analyze the best insurance policy in India. As one of the top insurance service providers in Pune, we acknowledge the needs of our clients and customize plans accordingly. We empower you to opt for the best insurance plans based on the key factors:

  • The payout of each plan that you’re looking for
  • Premium amounts for the desired plans
  • Terms of the policy being offered
  • High claim settlement ratio of the policies
  • Offered riders of different plans